About UniPharma

UniPharma, S.A. is a company dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of dermopharmacy and dermocosmetic products, as well as pharmaceutical specialties for skin diseases (scabies). All our products are focused on skin care, paying special attention to areas such as dermatology, pediatrics, chiropody, allergology, geriatrics, oncology and gynecology.

Our production capacity allows us, not only manufacture and commercialize our own brands, but to work for third parties; being able to adapt the finished product to their needs regarding format, dosage, volume and shapes.

Our company complies with the standard ISO for the Development and Production of Dermatological Products.


UniPharma, S.A. wants to consolidate itself as the benchmark of dermopharmacy laboratories nationwide, with international projection. A company where the passion for finding new solutions, the direct contact with doctors and the know-how is transmitted in each and every one of the products. Products that are sell with a single purpose: meet the needs of the patient from the honesty, transparency and experience of our team, and always through the prescription of the specialist doctor.


UniPharma, S.A. was born during the 70's from the hands of Mr. Salvador García, who over the years has directed the company with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit towards what it is today, a benchmark of dermopharmacy both nationally and in internationally.

Since its inception, UniPharma, S.A. has focused its efforts on the development of products for the treatment and improvement of dermatological pathologies, an area in which it is currently widely recognized.

During more than 40 years of experience, UniPharma, S.A. has been evolving, growing, adapting to changes and overcoming the challenges imposed by an ever-changing and demanding environment, which has contributed significantly to increasing the team's extensive know-how and has turned us into the laboratory that we are today: a family business with an international vocation.

This inclination towards internationalization, which has paid off especially in recent years, has been an indisputable turning point as it has served as a catalyst for the transformation of the company and its conception as a great project for the future.


Since 2007, with the expansion of our production facilities and the consolidation of our products in the local market, we set ourselves the goal of positioning our products in foreign markets, initiating an interesting project that would allow us to achieve better levels of growth and recognition of brand, both nationally and internationally. 

Internationalization means for us a process of continuous growth and learning, which entails being attentive to the needs of each market and our customers, adapting to their particularities and evaluating new opportunities, despite the inherent barriers to our sector. All this while maintaining our premises of quality, transparency and service. 

Currently, UniPharma, S.A. markets its products internationally with continued sales and loyal customers. We have an important presence in the Latin American markets, and we work in a process of constant growth at a global level, establishing new alliances and contacts that will allow our products to reach more countries in the near future. 

Our goal is to achieve a substantial increase in exports in the short term, for which, every decision made within the company already includes and aligns with the internationalization strategy to be followed. 

As pointed out by Gloria García, CEO of UniPharma, S.A.: 

"Internationalization means growing, not only in sales and profits but also in terms of size and company mentality. The process of internationalization of any company improves its brand image both nationally and internationally. "

 If You are interested in being part of our international project, write to:



UniPharma, S.A. was born.

- August 1974

Presentation of our first product: ACON®.

- November 1988 

Presentation of AVENA Liquid Soap and AVENA Coloidal Bath.

- December 1988

Presentation of Emoil Cream new formula.

- February 1992

 Presentation of the new AVENTAL®, without parabens.

- December 1995

Presentation of the new formula of LACTUM®, without parabens.

- February 2003

Presentation of a new gamma of products: PIROTEX®.

- July 2005

Introducing new formula for LACTODERMOL®, renewing our Lactodermol® product with a more complete formula that includes Aloe Vera.

- November 2008

 Presentation of CODIGEL®.

- February 2009

Third Parties Manufacturing

Effort, quality, R&D and service, this are the values that define us. Thanks to our new and innovative facilities at El Papiol (Barcelona), that opened in February 2006, we have managed to improve the production level both in quality and quantity without ever abandoning the philosophy that has allowed us to reach our current position and that is based on a clear, firm and committed business objective towards:

  • Our customers: we anticipate the needs of the market and of our customers to offer products and services of the highest quality.
  • Our society: with our commitment and responsibility.

As we manage various product lines, we adapt easily to the needs of the client in terms of products, capacities and formats. Nevertheless, we are specialist in the production of liquids (gels, soap solutions, shampoos, lotions, oils, colognes, mouthwashes, etc.) as well as creams of all kinds (body, hand, sunscreen, moisturizing, exfoliating, etc.), to serve the cosmetic industry.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality and Environment Policy

UNIPHARMA. S.A., a company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of dermopharmaceutical and cosmetic products, as well as pharmaceutical specialties, sets out the following Quality and Environmental Policy:


At UNIPHARMA. S.A. we are a team of people specialized in the dermopharmaceutical sector, involved in a common business project, capable of offering solutions for the main skin conditions through innovative, safe and effective products and services that meet the expectations of our clients, prescribers and end users.

This implication is materialized in the investment of the necessary resources to design, develop and commercialize sustainable products that satisfy our clients and users, while complying with current legislation and regulations, both nationally and internationally.

The Directorate of UNIPHARMA. S.A. undertakes to establish, implement and keep updated a Quality, Environmental and Good Manufacturing Practices in Cosmetics Policy, which supports the strategic direction, through an Integrated Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22716:2007 and ISO14001:2015 Standards, as regulatory frameworks to achieve:

• Meeting the requirements and expectations of the interested parties.

• Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, and with all the requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects.

• Provide the level of training necessary for the efficient performance of the functions and tasks of our workers.

• Continuously improve the Integrated Quality Management System and the performance of Good Manufacturing Practices in Cosmetics, for continuous progress in carrying out our activities.

• Prevention of pollution and minimization of the environmental impact of our activities and products, as well as a sustainable use of resources, throughout their life cycle.

This Policy will be developed establishing measurable objectives, which shall be periodically reviewed according to what is established in the System itself, so that continuous improvement can be evidenced. For this, the Directorate will provide the organization with the technical, economic and human resources necessary for the achievement of its Quality Policy, which shall be review annually, in order to verify whether it is appropriate for the fulfillment of the objectives set and for the context and organization purpose.

The Quality and Environmental Policy is made public for the personnel who work in the company, providing the necessary means for it to be understood and implemented. Likewise, it is available to all interested parties. The effective implementation of these principles requires the support of both the management team and the entire staff of the organization.


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